S60Zip v1.02

S60Zip is a free ZIP file manager for Nokia S60 2nd edition. It's PKZIP compatible and capable to compress and uncompress archives in device.
You can e.g. download ZIP file via browser and it's automatically launched to S60Zip. Then you can extract whole content into phone or open single items straight without extracting them.


- PKZIP compatible.
- Compress/uncompress.
- Open ZIP files from messages (e-mail, Bluetooth), browsers, file explorers etc.
- Send ZIP files via Bluetooth or e-mail.

S60Zip v1.02 supports all S60 2nd edition phones. For S60 3rd edition, check Y-Browser with ZIP plugin.

Source code of zip plugin is available on Y-Browser web site if you're interested of developing it.

It is recommended to update your phone software to latest available version if you're using S60Zip.

Download: S60Zip v1.02 (.sis)

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Last update: 23.03.2005