Summer in Calcutta

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Summer in Calcutta

Summer in Calcutta is not that hot but humid and most of the men folk wear half pants and sleep with bare body. This is about a couple of summer back and there were repairs going on in the house. The family members had moved to a relatives place leaving the servant and me. The servant would come and go but I had to stay since the labors worked in the house. Since she was a servant she couldn’t go and sleep with my relatives place so she would sleep in the house.

One day after the day’s work was over I went to my relatives house to meet my family I came home I was absolutely tired. I went off to sleep. At early part of the morning I got a feeling that I was about to discharge. My sleep suddenly broken and I opened my eyes slowly to find that the servant who was sleeping next to my bed was holding on to my cork. She had bend down with one leg and the other was on top of the bed. She was holding my dick and rubbing against her pussy. She was moaning which got me of my sleep. I was already exited and as she rubbing: I discharged throwing my sperm, which she was unable to control. She lay in her bed waiting for my response. I pretended to be a sleep. So after the discharge the sperm started rolling from my cork. She at me and slowly pick up her bed sheet and wiped my cork. I was feeling horny but I controlled myself.

Next morning I asked for a cup of tea. When she came I noticed that she had a 32-size breast with a good back side. The whole day past of with work and I was waiting for the night to come. She went of to sleep and I started watching theT.V.

After some time I put the T.V. off and pretended to fall asleep. I saw her slyly looking at me. Then she came and took my cork out of my pant. As she had it in her hand it started growing. I saw her looking close and then kissing it. As it grew she left it and opened her panty. With one hand she held my dick and the other she was rubbing her pussy. I had opened my eyes a little and observing with her coming to know. She was about 18 and the pussy was covered with small pubic hair. I was waiting to insert my cork into her pussy. After putting her finger for sometime she bought her pussy next to my dick and started rubbing. At that point I could not control myself. So I put my hand and picked her on to the bed.

As I did that she was taken by /surprise/">surprise. She immediately screamed out ’let me go’ but by that time I had already pick her on to the bed. Her panty was on the floor and she was struggling to free herself from my arms. I put my hand on her mouth and said that I know you have been rubbing my cork in your pussy so continue when I am awake. Since my cork was out of my pant and she had no panty on; I got on top of her and started kissing her. My cork was already placed on top her pussy and I started rubbing it with my body movement. She initially resisted but with my lips I opened her mouth. My tongue entered her mouth and I started to pass on the larva inside. After a couple of minutes she started to response and the kissing became exiting. She started to play with my tongue and in the process the saliva of each other started to transpire. I put my hand out and opened her dress along with her bra. When I was opening her dress she picked up her leg and with her leg pulled down my half pant. Now our lips were stuck but our bodies were nude. I pulled my mouth and put it on her breast. I started sucking her nipple and she started moaning. It was nice and small and I was pulling it with my teeth as if I would open it out from her socket. She was enjoying the biting with the pain and she had put her fingers into her pussy and slowly fucking it. I took her hand away and put it on my dick and replaced her hand with my. She had a /pussy/small-pussy/">small pussy so carefully I put one finger and as it became a little wet put the other finger in. She was kissing my chest and neck and trying to put her lips on my lips. I had put my right hand into her pussy and I was kissing and sucking her nipples then going up via her throat and neck to her ears. I sucked her ears and she started wriggling with sex. She caught my cork and was sometimes pulling it hard and sometimes shaking it. This went on for about 15 minutes till I bought my dick on top her cunt. I put my hand out and put on the bed lamp so that I could see her pussy. She requested me to put the light off but I explained that I should carefully put the cork into her pussy, as my dick was big for her pussy to absorbe at one go. She said let us enjoy the way we are enjoying. I told her that this enjoyment would double once the dick is inside her pussy. With this I separated her leg as far as possible and with both the hands I opened the mouth of her pussy. I place the dick on top her pussy and slowly pushed it in. It wouldn’t go and she started to resist. I moved my dick and put my two fingers into her pussy. It was already wet so my fingers were full of juice. I took it out and rubbed it on top of my cork. Now my cork’s head was greasy. So I took my cork again on top her pussy and pushed it in. This time it did go in. Just the head was going in. She closed her leg and I was stuck couldn’t press further. I put my face on hers and started kissing her once again. She was kissing away and playing with my lips but wouldn’t separate her legs. Though my lips were on hers I put my hand down and started putting pressure till I managed to put her legs apart and got my body inside her parted legs. I was enjoying but becoming restless. I wanted to put my dick deep into her and enjoy the fuck. I went to push but it was tight so I put so more pressure and she screamed ’ah’ and tears started rolling from her eyes. I kept my cork in that position and started wiping her tears and kissing her caringly. With the pain she had dug her fingers on my back and as she was getting some relief from her pain the fingers were loosing up. I kept her in this position for more than 5 minutes till I slowly started moving my cork to and forth. She started enjoying and she was clinging on to me tightly. I started increasing the speed and she also started moaning. The faster I went the deeper I was going into her. At one time I was feeling it would come out from the back. 

As I was speeding my movement she put her head on my shoulder and I felt her whole body easing out and them I felt my cork was working more smoothly. To check I took out my cork and saw it was covered with her cum. I put the cork back into her pussy, which now went in smoothly. I carried on for sometime till I discharged inside her. We kept lying down for sometime and I could feel the cum rolling from the side and coming out. We kissed each other a lot and slowly I picked her up. We both held on to each other and went to the bathroom. She sat down and urinated and it was combined with streaks of blood and cum. I put the shower and both of us went and stood underneath the shower. We soaped each other well. She soaped my cork and I in turn soaped her breast and pussy. As she was soaping my cork it once again stood. She asked me ’will you fuck me again’ so I asked her ’if you want then we can have it again’. She said, ’If it hurts like that’, I said, ’no, this time will be much better’. She said ’suppose I get /pregnant/">pregnant’ I told her I would take her to a doc.

After her bath we wiped each other dry and walked back to the bed. She put on a fresh bed sheet and we both wwwxxx curtailed in each other’s lap. We started kissing and this time she took my dick and guided it to her pussy. The dick would not go in so I said if you suck the dick a little the wwwxxx it would be greasy and it would slip inside. She bend down and took out her tongue and rolled on top of my cork for some seconds and put it in her mouth. As the dick started feeling warm in her mouth it started giving out juice. As she got the salty taste she took it out of her mouth and without a word put it back in and started sucking harder. I was playing with her breast and my other hand was /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-her-pussy/">fucking her pussy. I became so hot that I took it out of her mouth forcibly and pushed it into her pussy.

 Since it was nice and greasy the cork went in one push. She screamed a little but this time it was lower than the first. I started fucking her hard till she said she was Cumming and her whole body curled on me. I never let go and I kept fucking her hard and she was grabbing on my body and I discharged. She loved it and now both of us got up in turns to clean. We came and hugged each other and naked went of to sleep. Early next morning she got up and woke me up and helped me to wear my pants. She started behaving like a housewife for me and I assured her that we would go to a doc and put a loop on her so that she doesn’t get preg. This went for years till her parents caught her and gave her marriage. Before the marriage she opened her loop and got pregnant by me saying that through the child she will remember me.