My Photo Session

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My Photo Session

I walked into the photo shoot completely nude. I am a /model/">model, double D's, 5'8, all of that. I walked in as the photographer gawked at my boobs as they bounced up and down. "Hi!" I said cheerily. "Hey, sexy." he responded. He was about ten years older than my age of twenty. I began to pose erotically for my shot. I put my hand to my cunt and pointed my bubble butt to the camera. "Spank it." ordered the photographer. I spanked my ass. "Let me show you how it's done." he said and pulled out a riding crop. He smacked me across the bum with it.I screamed but it sent a wave of pleasure through me.

"There you go sweetheart. Look at what you made me do." he points at the hard-on I gave him. "You wanna suck it for me?" he asks I nodded and unzipped his pants. I began to lick the head slowly. He had a huge horse cock! It was 12" and thick as a coke can. He grabbed my hair and pushed my head down his cock. I deep-throated him as I tried not to gag. He pulled my head off his cock. "Get on your knees. I'm gonna fuck you doggy style. i bent down and waited. He didn't even slow down, just stuffed his cock up my pussy. He started slowly with even strokes. He filled my pussy as I moaned. "Ohhh...Awwwww" He smacked my ass.

"Do you like it when I smack your /ass/big-ass/">big ass, nigga?" "Yes sir!" I said. He started to speed up his strokes and I rotated my ass with every stroke. I started panting and had my first orgasm. "You like that?" he asked. "Yes sir!" I said through a heavy orgasm. He didn't stop, just kept pumping. When I finished my orgasm he withdrew.

He stuck my panties in my mouth and tied my hands behind my back. He walked me to his window. "I want everyone on that milf porn videos street to see me fuck you up the ass. I tried to protest but it just came out as a muffled screeching noise. "You should have known not to disobey your /master/">master." he said. "Now after I fuck your ass we have a /surprise/">surprise.

He blowjob porn videos stuck his cock up my ass in one thrust as I cried out in pain. He smacked my ass three times for that. It wasn't long until I started feeling pleasure in this and I began gyrating my ass to his movements. Then suddenly he withdrew. "No!" I cried "Yes. Now comes your punishment." He took out a /boxing/small-box/">small box. I looked inside to see a butterfly with a remote.

He put the butterfly on my pussy then grabbed a /dildo/huge-dildo/">huge dildo, bigger than him, even and stuck it in my ass. He pressed a button and the dildo began vibrating. He then left the room saying, "Don't cum until I say so." He turned on the butterfly and I felt a sensation of pleasure deep in my ass and on top of my clit. Would I be able to get through this? I'd have to find out.