My Virginity Is Gone

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My Virginity Is Gone

I'm from Delhi and I stay at a Hostel. Im a student and very good in studies. I have had no sex life so far and can say that im proud being a virgin. God has been kind to give me a good body and a good character.
I occasionally masturbate and enjoy doing it when no one is around or if no one is watching me. I have occasionally watched blue films and also masturbated when my room mates are not present. We all know that we are shaggers, but we never do it in front of anyone.
Sometimes, when the urge is high, I just cover myself totally with the blanket and I masturbate myself in the darkness without the knowledge of my friends. Who knows, they might as well be doing the same. We did discuss about bringing a girl or two, to room once or twice, but were burdened by guilt, fear and above all budgeted money.

The mansion managers too do not allow inside the hostel mansion as it is only for boys. One can find such mansions aplenty in Delhi, close to the most famous colony, The NFC. Being students we never had enough cash going out to take their services, but we were more interested in serious relationships and each one was booked to a and we meant business, not just lust.

We were committed and wanted to get married. It is not that we are goody " goody's, but we four roommates were lucky enough to find girlfriends for us and commit to the relationship who were very very rich and we saw this as a clear stake for a rags to riches story. All they demanded was a good education and a good job.

Being in B.tech, did provide us with the best of education, and we promised ourselves a masters and not just gonna stop with B,tech and had our eyues on M,tech. This quality education can also fetch us good and high profile jobs.what more can we ask for and we all followed and practised the same religion and caste.

Everything will sound clich"d and rosy, but we are lucky, plain lucky as far as girlfriends go. Coming back to the story, a few days back, we had a power failure. The mansion had no generator and we were all very restless and could not sleep due to the humid climate of Delhi.
We went to the open terrace, but again, there was obsolutely no air, and our building being very close to an open drain and a canal, there were a lot of mosquitoes. We could not sleep at all. We all started chatting and playing cards. We had a candle paced nearby and since there was absolutely no breeze, the candle was well lit till we played.

We smoked cigarettes after cigarettes, sending the empty packets to the ground. Soon we ran out of our cancer stick and it was becoming more boring. So I ventured out for a walk. It was well past midnight. The night was not so dark, but definitely eerie and silent with occasional barks from the stray dogs. There was no power even in the streets too.

The street lights too were powered out and the only company that I had was a brilliant moon shining down the dark night, if it was not for the moon, it would have been pitch dark. Delhi, like any other metropolis is not a very clean city, it has its own quota of dust, garbage and pollution and is home to the second or third biggest slums in India.

It is very common for people too see slums in almost all areas and these slum dwellers sleep on the roads. Due to the hot climate, the slum people spread out their mats on the streets, or by the road side or on platforms and sleep on it. This is too common a sight. I was not finding any small shop open to get the cigarette and hence I had to walk down a little far towards theatres, so that I can find a shop.

These shops or hotles close down after the last show gets over around 1 am. I did find a tea shop run by a Nair, ( these Mallus have their tea shops all over ) and I finally got my cigarette and also a nice cup of tea.( by the way, the Mallus also make awesome tea ) After the tea and while fagging, I was walking back to the room,
but I took a short cut to reach quickly and I had to pass through a street, that was close to slums. Many people were sleeping on the streets. This is where the true action begun. No, it is not my sexual adventure with a slum dweller, but pure pristine love between husband and wife. The story goes as follows :
While walking down the street, I saw random couples sleeping on the street. Funny though was a man sleeping totally nude all by himself and I was able to see his sleeping member as well which was not too big loosely hanging were his balls. He was sleeping like a free bird unmindful of the public display of his genitals.

I think he must have been drunk and rolled out his Lungi, as that is what the Madrasis wear at night or at home. I too wear a Lungi at night while sleeping and find myself very comfortable being into one. A litlle further, I saw another couple sleeping and the husband crossing his right leg over her.

She was sleeping on her back and straight and this man had crossed his right leg over her and running his hand across her breast. There was nothing much as they were fast asleep. I had devilish thoughts to touch her boobs, I went near, but was shit to do so and went ahead without any dirty deed.

At a distant I saw some movement and planned to investigate. I was scared, but also enthusiastic to find out what actually is brewing up. I steered closer and saw a couple about to begin the course of action called the "intercourse". I hid myself behind an auto rickshaw parked nearby, but was close enough to witness the action.

The man looked here and there, and finding no one, ( he did not see me hiding ), he started caressing his wife. This man must have been in his early thirties and the woman must have been in her late twenties or early thirties. I could not make up the age. The man was short and lean, while the woman was a little taller than the man and was very .

Both were black and I cannot describe more. The man started to press her boobs. He pushed her down to make her lie down flat and removed the sari pallu from across her shoulders. I could now see her covered in a blouse. They were very inviting and I wanted to touch and press them hard and do the honours, but I had to control my feel.

He opened the blouse and pulled out the left boob. It was very very big, maybe size 40 or so. It was obvious as this lady is fat and very curvaceous. He then sucked the boob while moving up the sari and petti coat of the lady to reveal her thundering thighs. He then started playing with her vagina and was pressing hard as the lady was now moaning louder.

He now moved his attention to the other breast and uncovered it as well. He started now to suck the other one. He was pressing them so hard, that the lady said something and pushed him back. I could not hear, but could make out. She shouted something in Tamil, and he stopped pressing her boobs and removed his hands. I was still itching my hands to touch her big breasts.

What real forced anal against her will a big breasted man she was ! He then lifted himself over her, spread her legs and came in between the legs and pulled up his lungi. I could now see the bum of the man and also the of the lady. It looked so big, that one can go for a vacation / holiday and come back. Well after he immediately rode her, all I could see was two black bodies, making love silently.

His push ups in his lady's was such xnxxv sunny leone video that, it made her books to rock up and down. The moving of naked boobs up and down was making me go weak. This was too much for me as I had never ever seen a couple fucking live. ( I bet not many could have seen either ) I started to shag my shaft from over my track pants which was also now standing to attention.

The faster the man pumped, the louder the moans of the lady grew and the speeder the hand on my shaft moved. This continued for about 3-4 minutes I suppose, but the pleasure of seeing the made me mad and and I was about to explode, and yes, what a coincidence, we all came around the same time, loads and loads for me as this was my first experience watching a couple make love. My tracks were totally wet. The couple in love, most probably married couple, I suppose, fell side by side exhausted, with the man smoking a beedi, and the woman sleeping next to the man, but turned away facing the other direction.

It was I suppose normal for them and must have been a usual practise, what was unusual was, a person hiding and watching them and also shagging lovingly at their expense. This was one experience, which I can never forget. I don't know if the man had seen me, what would have happened to me, but I enjoyed the powerless night to the maximum of my ability and returned to my hostel with my wet tracks. The patch of wetness was not seen or discovered by others as the colour was navy blue and also our room was dark. Though, there was no power, while my room mates were suffering, I was enjoying the sleepless night over the memories of my voyeuristic expedition.

I must thank, the blog owners for publishing my story, I must also thank you readers for reading this simple story with patience, sorry I could not describe the sexual parts more in detail, as I described what I saw and beyond that was not seen due to distance and the darkness.
Well, I thank you readers and I also thank the unknown lovers who made love without knowing that im watching them. Please tell me, did you readers find this story interesting.

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