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I?ve had fantasies about the cable guy that I had once seduced. Jimmy and I unfortunately didn?t have video of it but he was able to take pictures of me taking his big black cock. I?ve recently had to go back to that picture set and loudly reminisce about it as Jimmy fucked me in bed one night. Ironically, a day came when we had trouble with our phone line and finally Jimmy placed a repair request order to fix the problem. When we were finally told what day the telephone repairman was coming to fix our phone line, my mind couldn?t help but wander and think about if the guy would be /cute/">cute enough to seduce, just like I did to the cable guy. Needless to say, my /fantasy/">fantasy came true with the telephone repairman, and Jimmy to this day can?t believe what a naughty slut I was with him. (Check out the video that went with this story entitled: seducing a telephone repairman.)

I got excited when the doorbell rang and Jimmy went to answer it. I stayed in the bedroom to pick out /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie that I could wear if the telephone repairman would pass the test with me. That is, to see if he would be cool enough to allow me to seduce him. So I heard him come up the stairs and walk into the kitchen towards the phone jack on the wall, which was next to the bedroom door. He had a decent sounding voice, but I really wanted to get a good glimpse of him. So I walked out of the bedroom holding a camcorder in my hand, videotaping him and his work. Jimmy stood beside him with a smirk on his face as to why I came out with the camcorder. I had not told my husband about my fantasy to seduce the telephone repairman just in case he wouldn?t allow me to do it. It was risky. Furthermore, little did Jimmy know that when he went to answer the doorbell, I set aside sexy lingerie to wear for the repairman. I was already being naughty as it was, but wait until I tell you exactly what kind of slut I was. So, my camcorder rolled as Jimmy?s face was still in complete /surprise/">surprise as the repairman continued to do his job. The technician didn?t mind the camera xxx sex video download free com rolling and seemed very cool about it, at least from the outside. That was already a telltale sign that he just might be the right candidate that I could seduce into fucking me.

I continued taping for about another ten minutes before I saw that he was almost done. I thought to myself, I can?t let him just finish and be off to his next appointment. I needed to act quickly so I told him that we also had a problem with our phone jack in the bedroom. Jimmy couldn?t believe what I was saying! I knew it could have been the only way to lure him into the bedroom. So as the repairman went out to his truck to get more tools and wire, I quickly went into the bedroom bathroom to get changed as I placed the camera up on the armoire with the camera recording. I stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes after I got changed into Jimmy?s favorite blue baby doll lingerie with white thong panties and white fishnet stockings in my heels. I needed to make sure I didn?t step foot out of the bathroom until the repairman was already in the bedroom. My plan was to innocently sneak up on him. And finally after a few minutes, I heard his voice and I quietly opened the bathroom door to makes sure he did not yet see me, as his back was facing me. I tiptoed softly on the carpet and made my way over to the repairman, as Jimmy with his jaw-dropped-open look on his face moved away and gave me room to sneak up against the technician. As the repairman turned towards Jimmy?s direction where he was standing, he looked at me with disbelief, nearly losing his balance and falling over. He said, ?Wow,? and just couldn?t believe how sexy looking I was wearing that sexy piece of lingerie. He also couldn?t believe that something like this would happen to him on the job, meaning that a girl would be dressed so sexy! Little did he know that there was more coming.

The repairman couldn?t help but stand up and get a closer look at me, as I stood motionless smiling at him. I hoped that his masculine instinct would take over and he would just have his way with me. The repairman pulled me onto the bed where he pulled out my tits, took my panties off, and sensually kissed me. My nipples were hard and my pussy was extremely wet. Jimmy couldn?t help but grab the rolling camera, once he realized I had it set up on the armoire, and began filming. The repairman was more than cool with having his face on camera. I was in total /ecstasy/">ecstasy as he pulled up my lingerie more and started to eat out my pussy really slowly, teasing the hell out of me. All I could think at that point was for him to fuck a slut while he was on the clock. The /reality/">reality of it was really hot!! I couldn?t hold on any longer and came with a really nice orgasm. After having eaten out my pussy and given me a really good orgasm, I unzipped his pants to suck on his cock. I figured he tasted me, so it was my turn to taste him. I sucked on his cock for a few minutes until we both couldn?t take the tease anymore. I wanted new cock in my pussy and he just wanted to fuck my pussy. It was a perfect match. He luckily had a condom in his pocket that he took out and I slowly placed it over his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I held his cock and slowly inserted it into /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy. I felt every texture of his cock as it glided in and out. He couldn?t believe how tight my pussy was! As Jimmy was taping, I told Jimmy that he would get to fuck a loose pussy right after. So the repairman, after fucking me missionary style, flipped me over and fucked me doggy style. This guy?s cock pounded my /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard as the bed moved and squeaked. I have to say that I?ve never been pounded so hard in my life before! Jimmy just continued to roll the tape with a smile on his face and a raging hard-on in his pants, thinking that he couldn?t wait to finally get his turn to fuck my pussy!! It didn?t take the repairman long at all to finally let go and shoot out his load. I felt his warm /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-my-pussy/">cum inside my pussy separated by the thin condom in between as he vocalized his release. It was so hot!! I felt myself getting wet and ready to go for another round. However, I knew that he was on the clock and probably had to get going, especially not having anticipated diagnosing a phone jack only to learn that it was a ploy to lure him into the bedroom to fuck me.

As the repairman left to go use the bathroom, Jimmy took his plunge. He removed his clothes and wanted to get a piece of my loose pussy. His cock felt so good as he fucked me on the bed, again making the bed squeak. I was so lucky to have had two cocks within that short amount of time. In the meantime, the repairman came back from the bathroom to put his clothes on. He watched sexxxx video ful hd Jimmy fuck me as he dressed himself. I thought he would feel uncomfortable, but he walked right over and squeezed and sucked on my nipples for about five minutes as I played with myself as Jimmy fucked me. I came first followed by Jimmy?s load that exploded in my pussy. What a cream pie it turned out to be. The repairman had to wait to see that cream pie slowly run out of my pussy. I was in total ecstasy as I looked at both my husband and the repairman, thinking to myself, ?I just satisfied these two cocks in the last half hour, and one of them was a brand new cock for my pussy.? It was a productive day for the repairman and a fantasy for me to now say that I had seduced the telephone repairman. Maybe next time I could mess around with the phone jack just to have someone come out again. Oh, does that thought make my /wet/pussy-wet/">pussy wet again!